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It is had to think about darker days coming whilst we are enjoying this beautiful weather, but once the year turns, days get noticeably shorter and the weather cooler, we start to think about what we can do over a weekend that doesn’t always involve being outside.  Although I thoroughly enjoy our boating life, I still like to cosy up with my wirework indoors when the weather is less than optimal for boating.

The reason that I enjoy this craft is that it is so versatile. One day I could be making a small filigree ring and the next day I could be planning a larger project such as a hanging mobile for the garden. Unlike many techniques involving precious metals, due to the cost, it is not practical to transfer the techniques to household items or products for the garden, but copper lends itself to a variety of projects to make for yourself or to give as gifts to friends at a much more modest price, and it doesn’t break the bank to get started either.

So how do you get started? You can buy products from local hobby shops. There are certainly plenty of videos online to follow. But how do you choose good quality tools? and is all wire the same? Well, frankly no, not all wire is the same, and even when you find good tools, they don’t necessarily come with instructions on how to use them or get the best out of them. Sometimes it is just better to get started by attending a workshop or course. But even then, there are many workshops and courses that are focused on you ‘taking something finished’ home with you. That is all very well if the techniques you are learning are very simple, but even then it may mean that the item is rushed and that there is no development of any degree of skill to be built on. In essence, the course or workshop is really just a ‘taster course’, with no follow-up, or progression opportunity.

If you are interested to take up anything as a hobby there is always a learning curve, where you concentrate on technique rather than a finished product. Therefore, in this instance you benefit from courses that build on technique. We are running two 1 day courses this Autumn where you can do just that. The first is our Beginners Wirework course, and the second our Christmas Gifts and Decorations course. The first will teach the very basics of wirework and tool use which will prepare you to make simple rosary linked jewellery items, the second course will allow you to practice further the techniques you have learned and learn some new techniques for you to create some stunning homeware items to keep or give as gifts to friends and family. What’s more, the courses are only a month apart so you won’t forget what you have learned. Click the course name links in the post to find out more about each day.







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