Wire and Gemstone Ltd are changing

After a successful day at The New Inn Hotel, Lechlade on Saturday, we are busy getting ready for our next course on Saturday 24th November. Along with the course there will be items to buy for those all important gifts for Christmas.

However, we have some other changes afoot for Wire and Gemstone Ltd. Currently we have multiple little enterprises alongside Wire and Gemstone, a gardening business run by Martin, and sometime next year we will be offering accommodation and short trips on our narrowboat Lark Rise III, and some other exciting things yet to be revealed!

Trying to run three small businesses, including three websites is getting a bit much, so we have decided to pool all of our many skills into one more manageableĀ business called Crafty Boaters. Our website for Crafty Boaters is up an running now, and this is where we will be posting all of our new courses and events from now on check it out at www.craftyboaters.co.uk . In the meantime, if you would like to make any purchases or book on our course for 24th November then you can still use this site and the email address associated with it up until the end of our next course Saturday 24th November. After this date if you visit the Wire and Gemstone Website you will be re-directed to Crafty Boaters.



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